I am passionate about all things enterprise, youth engagement, entrepreneurship and para sport. I am an advocate of youth empowerment, I believe we need to work towards a world where there is true gender equality and I’m proud to say I am a feminist.

I am the Founder of Causarma: a strategy and campaigns agency working on positive impact projects in the youth, enterprise and sport fields. I am also the Founder of Kit Us Out: a charity providing key sports equipment to Para-Athletes from developing nations. I am the Co-founder & Director of Young Brits Network, a social enterprise focused on promoting the views and interests of young entrepreneurs from Britain internationally. I am the current Chair of the IoD 99: a new network exclusively for young entrepreneurs running high growth startups.

Additional roles I hold including being the Executive Vice President of the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs, the major association of young entrepreneurs in Europe that works closely with the European Commission and EU member governments to drive enterprise growth. I am also the current UK President of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance, global network of over 400,000 young entrepreneurs and the organisations that support them. I am a Board member of Coimbatore Innovation and Business Incubator, a body fostering high tech innovation and innovation led entrepreneurship among the youth of India. Since 2015 I have sat on a number of Taskforces for the B20 and am currently on their SMEs Taskforce. The B20 leads

In 2015 I was honoured to be nominated to sit on United Nations Interagency Network on Youth and also to be asked by the UNs Assistant Secretary General to become a champion for UN Women.

In early 2016 I was award the title of Commonwealth Champion for Youth and Enterprise by the Commonwealth Secretary General for my work in supporting youth empowerment and enterprise growth across Commonwealth nations.